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Himalayan Salt exported from Khewra Mines is the highest quality salt available on the market. With its beautiful pink color, traces of minerals, and variety of grains, this salt is an ideal option for any day—on the table, in recipes, and as a simple grind. Coming from the Himalayas, it is suitable for anything from breakfast eggs to steak dinner, as well as for your cattle and horses. Services Pakistan brings the best Himalayan Salt wholesale rate for you.

The salt is found on ancient sea beds in the Himalayan Mountains and was crystallized long ago, before modern pollutants were present. Because of this, this salt is said to be one of the purest salts on earth. Because of the variety of trace minerals it contains, the light to dark pink coloring that differentiates himalayan pink salt from other salts is due to it having a range of shades of trace minerals.

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With its increased popularity comes a new set of challenges from commodity importers who flood the market with lower-quality salt, artificially lowering prices for both suppliers and retailers and in effect raising the risk for all parties, as retail, manufacturer, and consumers alike.


However, do not fall for some company claims that they have manufactured “premium, cleaner, or higher quality” Himalayan salt by utilizing highly skilled labor, engineering, or proprietary technology or machinery. Salt companies raise prices, process salts unnecessarily, and claim that their salt is superior. However, in truth, partnering with reputable companies with proven food safety policies and achieving certification from accredited companies is the most important way to ensure high quality premium Himalayan Pink Salt without inflated prices.

Animal Lick Salt

Pure Himalayan Salt mined from the pristine Himalayan mountain ranges.

animal lick salt
Pink Salt Block

The most nutritional pink salt blocks on the earth.

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